Mindfulness Beads Activity Suggestions:

1. Take note of: 2 things you can see; 2 things you can smell; 2 things you can hear; 2 things you can touch; 2 most prominent thoughts right now.

2. Count 10 things you have accomplished (pick your own timeframe)

3. Choose a goal: what are the 10 steps between you and the goal.

4. Count 10 blessings in your life.

5. Focus on the 10 people who influence your life the most.

6. Think of your 10 happiest memories (are they different from the last time you did this?)

7. Imagine 10 places you’d like to travel (new or revisited)

8. Acknowledge the first 10 things to come to mind.

9. Let go of 10 unreasonable worries/expectations.

10. Do the Four Square Breathing technique 10 times. (Breathe in to the count of 4, hold it for 4, exhale for 4, do nothing for 4.)


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