“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”
JK Rowling

bottle spellsA Bottle Spell is a small bottle containing items such as herbs, salt, stones, beads, feathers or other items which may be relevant to the particular spell.  I often work with the use of glitter — it has no direct magical representation, but I see it as eye-catching and a way to remind oneself to keep coming back and reciting the spell.  These bottles were crafted with intention for the eventual owner and each contains a specific Wish Paper with one of the below chosen spells.   Another way to think of ‘bottle spells’ would be ‘a bottle of intention’ — in other words, these work much like Mindfulness beads to bring our attention to our desire; our focus on to what we see as our current greatest need.

How to use a Bottle Spell:

DO NOT open the bottle. Each bottle has been carefully packed with your chosen spell. DO shake the bottle 5-10 times as you recite the incantation (at least three times). This causes the bottle to be “charged” with your intention.

Current Bottle Spells available:

Abate Worry:Into this vessel secured up tight I place my anxieties that they might
Find their right level within my life.

Alleviate Debt:My life and accounts shall soon be in balance.

Bring Good Luck:To God and Goddess I do pray Guide me through another day
Let good fortune come my way Good luck hither now I say

Enhance Inspiration: Creativity Come to me In whispers and dreams And visions that gleam.

Entice Love:Herbs of the earth herbs of lust bring me passion in you I trust

Increase Cash Flow:Toward this wish, the money grows by leaps and bounds – it overflows. Coins that jingle, coins that shine Come to me now – you are mine.

Protection for Your Home:Oh spirit of salt, purify my home and bring in strength and stability.

Protection from an Enemy: I neutralize the power of my adversary to do me any harm. I ask that this be correct and for the good of all. So mote it be.

As a note: Potions and Bottle Spells have been around since ancient times, and have often seeped into popular culture without us even realizing!


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