necklaceNamaste. || The light in me welcomes the light in you. Casstastrophe: Reiki Infused Jewellery is an ever-growing idea of wearable love. Part of the concept of this jewellery is to be here in the present. A piece can be uplifting, freeing and energizing or it can be chosen for its grounding, subduing and relaxing properties. Each piece is hand-crafted with your aesthetic enjoyment in mind.

We are so fortunate to live in an era where bigger is better, louder isn’t loud enough and vibrant colour is the new black. If you can dream it, we can find a way to build it together. — CJ

It is my belief that what we wear on the outside can be a deeper symbol of who we are on the inside. There is functional jewellery (like watches or medic-alert bracelets) for every day life. There is no reason for the pieces we own not to be functional for our spirit, too!